We had the opportunity to interview three-time Major winner Pádraig Harrington for the cover story of February’s edition of Irish Golfer Magazine.

As ever, Harrington was a fascinating character. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge but also a forensic approach to the game, traits which came to the fore given that he was talking primarily about his 18 year relationship with equipment manufacturers Wilson Staff.

The affable Dubliner touched on many aspects of the game and gave some interesting insights about young aspiring professionals looking to make their mark in the professional ranks.

We were on the tape for almost 90 minutes but Harrington is the sort of character you could sit with all afternoon. I guess that’s part of his appeal; he is always giving of his time and has remained grounded and accessible despite the riches and trappings that come with being a trailblazing three-time Major champion.

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Irish Golfer Magazine (February 2017)

Pádraig Harrington Exclusive

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